My husband and I learned to overcome a variety of challenges over the years with integration in our feline fur family but in 2019, we met our match. At wit's end, we contacted Pam who listened attentively and worked with us through many ups and downs to find a safe and natural solution to keep the peace and maintain comfort for our new addition.  Pam thoughtfully developed a custom blended oil for our cat that has worked wonders.  Her genuine love and care for all creation sets her apart and drives her to find solutions that work.  I'm grateful to have these alternative options available.   Pam's knowledge and guidance has been invaluable to us and I'm happy to report, mission accomplished. Thank you, Pam! -Terri L.

My Pomeranian, Lychii has had several health issues over the course of his life, the biggest one being his Cushing's disease and his arthritis. Considering his age (he was 11 at the time), I did not want to put him through any unnecessary stress since there was no guarantee that the repeated treatments for Cushing's would make much of a difference in his overall health and the treatments themselves were a bit on the pricier side. I also did not want to put my dog through a series of medication and have him ingest something that may or may not cause other unintentional side effects. Pam has been with me every step of the way in my dog's life from puppy hood and she understood my concerns about making his quality of life a top priority. When she asked if I was willing to take a holistic alternative, I said yes without hesitation. She took extra care in making sure I understood the whole treatment and carefully explained what each supplement was and it's benefits. She also actively checks in to make sure Lychii was doing ok and adjusted the treatment as needed. While the results took a little time to kick in, it's made tremendous difference it made to Lychii's overall health. He's still a little pudgy but his fur is growing back and he regained a lot of his energy back. I never thought I would see him run out the door anymore but now he is happily running out into the yard for his walks and playing fetch. Without Pam's knowledge and guidance, Lychii wouldn't be living as comfortably as he does now. She has been nothing but honest with her work and truly wants the best for our pets. It's very clear in the way she treats animals that she truly loves and cares for them. She is dubbed Auntie Pam by me and my friends and will always be the first person I recommend to anyone I know who is in need of an alternative medical solution for their pets. 

We would like to thank you because we truly believe it was your formula that made Chevy's last days and weeks comfortable.  We also believe this was the reason we got to spend more time with her.


Thank you for caring,



I believe there is a place for both traditional medicine and holistic/alternative therapies.   Depending on the diagnosis, best option may be a blend of both.  Over the years, I have repeatedly sought Pam’s holistic expertise and entrusted her with my “kids” wellness and health.  Pharmaceuticals often have some pretty scary and sometimes fatal side effects.  In most cases there is a holistic alternative without any side effects. Pam has always helped me understand the options and make the best decisions for my “pack”.  Even something as simple as spot on flea & tick treatments.  I refuse to put chemical toxins on my pets.  There are numerous alternatives that work even better!  Pam has taught me several options and just last year introduced me to essential oils for just this purpose. I have 9 dogs so any flea issues would be devastating in my household.  I hear year after year how bad the fleas and ticks are and that the spot ons are not always working.  I have had excellent results using a pure holistic approach.  The essential oils can even help ease pain and improve mobility!  When my 16 year old Springer Sabrina started having some aging related pain, Pam added a series of essential oils into her holistic routine.  The improvement was amazing!  When my 12 year old Springer Oscar was diagnosed with pancreatitis, Cushing’s disease, and diabetes, Pam advised a series of supplements to support his conditions and strengthen his immune system. Two years later when four tumors were discovered, I opted not to have surgery and chemo.  Pam again advised best supplements to add to help improve Oscar’s quality of life.  Oscar’s specialty vet called him the miracle dog as the holistic approach resulted in a signicant improvement in his quality of life and his not so great bloodwork kept improving.   Oscar lived to be 15.5 years old with great quality and 2x’s exceeded his life expectancy.  Even the vets agree this was a result of TLC & holistic care!

You owe it to your pet to be his/her best advocate in seeking out the best care and treatment.  Be open to holistic and alternative therapies.  Be open to learn about the benefits. Having known Pam for over 15 years,   I’ve sought her advice on everything from food, supplements, skin conditions, etc.  There is not one area of their care I would not discuss with her.  As a result, my kids are experiencing long life with excellent quality.  My last three English Setters and English Springers lived to be 17, 18, & 15.5yrs old.  I attribute much of this to holistic and alternative approaches.  Thank you Pam for always being there!


Eileen G. – Pine Grove PA.

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