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Services and Consultations

Email Consult
Email and "Face to Tail" Consultations


Email and "Face to Tail" consultations are available.  Upon requesting a consultation you will have a questionnaire to complete.  This is only an initial information session. Follow up questions may be necessary during the consultation process.  Each "Plan of Action" developed is individual to each pet.  Typically it takes about two weeks after your request to receive your detailed Plan of Action via email.  "Face to Tail" visits are typically scheduled with 2 weeks of initial contact. If additional services are requested, additional time may be required.  The "Plan of Action" for your pet will make digestive, herbal and other recommendations to support your pet throughout the re-balancing process.




"When my 16 year old Springer Sabrina started having some aging related pain, Pam added a series of essential oils into her holistic routine.  The improvement was amazing!  When my 12 year old Springer Oscar was diagnosed with pancreatitis, Cushing’s disease, and diabetes, Pam advised a series of supplements to support his conditions and strengthen his immune system. Two years later when four tumors were discovered, I opted not to have surgery and chemo.  Pam again advised best supplements to add to help improve Oscar’s quality of life.  Oscar’s specialty vet called him the miracle dog as the holistic approach resulted in a significant improvement in his quality of life and his not so great bloodwork kept improving.

Eilleen G. Pine Grove PA

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Custom blends for your pet.  Essential oils can be used for behavioral concerns, joint and muscle support, spiritual balancing, cognitive support and improve overall health and well-being.  Oils can be used topically, by applying to collar or directly to skin (all oil blends are diluted properly for safety).  Some oil blends may also be diffused.  Application varies based on the needs of the pet.

We do not diagnose. treat, prevent or cure any disease. This consultation does not replace your need for veterinary care.

Bach Flower Remedies and Recommendations

Customized Bach Flower remedy especially for your pet. Upon request you will receive a questionnaire to help us better understand the emotional needs of your pet.  You will receive you pet's custom blend and usage instructions in approximately 2 weeks after we receive the completed questionnaire.


Iridology Consultation

Iridology examines fiber integrity, color, textures, pigmentations and constitution that express reflective organ weaknesses and strengths. Iridology can reveal where there is inflammation in the body and the level of inflammation. The iris reveals the overall constitution of the body, inherent weaknesses, health status and progressions or regressions depending on your lifestyle. A picture of your pet's eye is required for reading.  A chart and report will be provided in 7-14 days after submission.

Color Tonation Session

Color tonations work by healing the body's energy field. The aura is the energy field that surrounds and extends from the physical body of our pet. The auric field is the exact reflection of the cellular activity within the body. Any illness, pain, infection, attack, shock or breakdown in the body will result in a change in the aura and vibrational energy of the body. When a body part is tonated, the aura transmits this healing energy to the physical cells of the body, and therefore supporting the body to heal itself. 

Nutritional Counseling
provided by Canine's House of Nutrition

Health starts in the gut and at the cellular level. Environmental influence, including the diet, plays a role in the dog’s gene expression, which can be altered to either promote health within the body, or illness.  Through holistic nutritional approaches and energy work that respects the body and soul, the goal is to educate people on canine nutrition and how important it is to be proactive in our dog’s health to decrease illness in the future and allow them to thrive.

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